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4 Fab Friday Market Finds

Friday mornings for our family call for a farmers market outing; strolling, chatting, taste testing, food shopping, catch ups, popcorn and playtime. Its the place to be on a friday and its full of so much local goodness it feels good to be there! What I love most about the market is finding unique, fun products and chatting with the lovely people that created them. Its crazy how far we have detached ourselves from where our food really comes from but these amazing people are bringing us back and sharing with us just how real food can taste great and natural products are just divine! The pictures below are of my favourite products I’ve stumbled across lately.

1. RAW ALMOND MILK by the guys at Inside out Nutritious Goods
Did you know that all the almond milk in the supermarkets has been pasteurised? Yes, thats right, its been flash heated to the kill the bad bacteria but in the process, it kills off the good too. This stuff from the Inside out guys is worth checking out; it is full of all the good, all natural, handmade and oh so creamy!!! They make some killer smoothies too.
2. The new range of baby skincare products by ChamonixRain Organics.
ChamonixRain Organics was created by a local mum on the Northern Beaches passionate about natural skincare and Organic materials. It all started with a breastfeeding cover and now has a fabulous Boutique Organic baby essentials Range of amazing products from beautiful bamboo baby sleeping bags to bibs, baby bedding, soft cotton towels, Skincare and so much more! These products are just gorgeous and I highly recommend having a look and trying their great products for your bubs!
Oh man, do I love these babies. Its the treaty bar of the week. Jam packed with greens including kale and spinach, nuts, carob and honey. These are a must try… Just believe me!
4. Gluten Free Dumplings by Golden Pig Wholesome asian foods. 
I am a total sucker for yum cha so when I ran into a stall like this you can imagine my excitemet. Not only are Golden Pig products gluten free but they 100% free from any crap!!!! Fast food that is delicious and made with real ingredients. These whole food asian products are the real deal, hand made by real people, amazingly passionate people at that. Do yourself a favour and try these… AMAZING!
Have a happy week! See you at the market!
Cass xo

January 8, 2014
January 14, 2014