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Its a New Year (an over-share)!!!

It’s a new year, with new ambitions, new resolutions and new hopes and dreams. Last year was simple; SURVIVE! This year; I need to concentrate on finding “me” again.
I have chatted with you before about how I have struggled to fit in as a mother of 2. Life isn’t as easy and when I have said I struggled, I really have.
The truth is; I have been stuck in a rutt! I have been stuck in a sleepless, stressed, depressed, overprotective parent, grumpy, overweight, drowning in my own “mean girl” rutt!! That is not who I am and that is what makes me sad, really sad! 
Being in this rutt has not been good for my family or my relationship, it isn’t good for anyone! 
I haven’t wanted to go anywhere or do anything, And my weight has been my biggest enemy. Coming from a health background; I really don’t feel comfortable in my body and I know that being too heavy is not healthy at all but the more I put myself down about it, the worse I make it. My body is craving attention, proper exercise, sleep and quiet…
When I joined the gym a few months ago (with full intentions of going, but managing to create every excuse in the book), I received a couple of personal training sessions which were great. On my first session; the trainer asked me what my goals were. I looked at him like; “Ummmm are you serious? Isn’t it obvious? I am too fat! It must go!”
I confided in him of how I just don’t get it!!! Why is my weight not budging? I eat clean, what is wrong with me? 
That’s when the trainer said; “Cass, your stress is weighing you down!” Very literally. How can I expect for anything to change if I am so far buried down in my own shit that I can’t find the ropes to pull myself out of it? 
Towards the end of last year I knew enough was enough and over the Christmas period I have taken time out to start thinking about how I can get back to being “me” again. So, to say the least, things are all about to change, well already have (if your following me on Instagram, you would of see the introduction of my husband led training sessions). I have hit rock bottom, I’m ok to say that now and I’m ready to put on my “big girl” boots and start looking after myself again. 
No more late nights!
No more crazy work hours
Less work
More rest
More exercise 
More fun
More Happy!
I am excited to start sharing with you my journey to feeling great again… Life is good and I’m ready to be back living it!
Cass x x

January 8, 2014