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Diaries of a weekday widow…

Happy Hump Day! I hope your all having a fabulous week! I know a lot of people have gone back to work for the year this week and for a lot of us that means more chaos around dinner and bath time. 
As I have mentioned before, Mr A is in the NAVY. This means, sometimes he’s home, sometimes he’s away, sometimes he works hard, sometimes he trains hard and sometimes he’s super stressed out and other times he’s a joy to be around. The job is a never ending up and down but I think that’s what he loves most about it, it’s exerchanging and his enthusiastic mind gets a good work out, he never has the chance to get bored. 
Sounds like an amazing job and it is but for a wife it means long days and nights by yourself; wrangling children and not knowing when “Daddy” is coming or going again… ITS TUFF!!! There is no regularity, structure or point of booking anything in advance. 
This week calls for Mr A to start back at work; new courses, new posting, new job and a promotion. He won’t be coming home on week nights, he won’t be bathing the kids, helping with dinner, and there won’t be any opportunities for me to run out “childfree” to grab something at the shops. It will be me and the kids; Monday to Friday throwing food at each other and screaming the house down between 4-7pm. But when “daddy” walks in that door on a Friday night we will be jumping for joy! 
This Christmas holidays my husband has been amazing, I have had the opportunity to take a step back a little and watch how the children just love him so much and how much he really does for our family. Its been so great! That’s why its going to be so hard with him gone but I know we will survive! Fabulous friends and supportive people around, what could go wrong??? Hah! Let the games begin!
How are you feeling this week? Are you back at work or home with the kids? Hpw do you go when your partner is away?
Cass x x
January 14, 2014