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This day…

Today is one of those days, you know… One of those days… That day comes around every year… A day when we remember the day that my dear old dad said good buy to us from the earth and sent his soft soul off to heaven… Its a day I seem to always forget, kind of because I want to forget it. Why? Because this day, a few years ago, was not a good day. Days like this are the days I don’t really want to remember.

Days like these, the sad days, I just don’t get. It may be just me, thats ok but…

Birthdays = YES!
Death days = Not so much…

I mean, I am aware of this day, its a day of remembrance but the sad memories are not the ones I want to remember and on a day like today, thats all that really floods through. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I really don’t want to mark the day that someone leaves, I’d rather mark a happier living type of day.

So today may mark a life moment for my family but I will remember my dad, just like any day; the good bits, the funny bits, the crazy bits and the silly bits. He was a great dad and thats what I will remember… Every day!

Love you Dad!

January 19, 2014