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WEARING: Comfort with some pop!

Hooray! I made it out of the house with a shower, hair washed AND Make up on… Can you believe it??? Today my little P started preschool, a day I have been freaking out about for months. But we did it! She waved me off before I could even sign her in and I could just tell she was in for a great day! So today, for me; has been a little weird, a little quiet but in my own style I have made sure I have kept VERY busy; catching up with friends and taking little Sunny to his mothers/baby group to count the seconds of the day away until preschool pick up time. Still is true comfort; I am wearing a brand new ensemble that I absolutely love from Sahara Fleur, which is currently having a 40% off sale (WIN!). I’m so in love with these shorts by the way; so so so comfortable! Its been a good day!


Black Top | Sahara Fleur
LULU Shorts | Sahara Fleur
Aztec chunky beads | A little market stall in the mall a couple of years ago.
Sandals | Salt Water Sandals

January 20, 2014