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A letter to a teacher who wants to reward kids with JUNK… (DONT MESS WITH ME!)

Last week, we went to our first swimming lesson of the year. It was a new swim school, a great swim school, but when when my little purist of a 3 year old came out of the water with what looked like a bit of junk in her mouth I didn’t know whether to explode or cry! Yes, I am an over protective, health conscious parent… But I am also proud that at 3 years old, my child has never laid her lips on a lolly. We just don’t feed our kids that stuff, we don’t introduce it so there is no pressure, no fuss! I work so hard to bring our family up on such a natural and healthy diet that its hard not to be upset when you get thrown a curve ball! I didn’t cry and I didn’t loose the plot… I just asked my dear little daughter what she had in her mouth, explained to her why we don’t eat junk and replaced it with a healthy homemade treat (WHICH SHE LOVED!). I was then a bit lost… Was I to make an issue of it, chat to the teacher or just let it go and just come to terms with how other people work. Was I overreacting? After a chat to my husband (who may of been even more p’d off than me), and a couple of friends I decided to write an email, nothing harsh, just a wake up call… WHY ARE YOU GIVING ANY CHILD ANY TYPE OF FOOD WITHOUT ASKING THEIR PARENT FIRST????? With so many allergies out there, aren’t they at all worried about an anaphylactic reaction??? So heres what I wrote, just a short note, to the point… DONT MESS WITH ME!!!

Hi there, 

Just a quick email to let you know our little P had an absolute ball this morning at her first lesson and I will be transferring payment over shortly. 

My only concern is at the end of the lesson when Pia came out of the pool with a lolly in her mouth??? … We have ALOT of intolerances and allergies in our family and we choose a very healthy lifestyle for our children. It has really upset me that you would give any type of food to any child without asking their parents first.
Pia has never been given any food like this as her diet DOES NOT include treats of this type. I would of mentioned it in previous correspondence but I DID NOT expect for you to reward children with junk food at the end of such a healthy sport lesson like swimming. 

P really loved her first lesson and I could see her improve in just that half hour and I’m really excited for the improvement over the coming year learning from you. I would just love it if you could always ask the parents and confirm with me that you will definitely NOT give my little P any type of food without asking me first. 

Thanks so much for understanding, I’m just a very health conscious parent. 

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


If your new to this blog, you may think its only one lolly, who cares? You may think I’m overreacting, you may think I’m a little crazy… And yeh I am, I’m crazy about bringing my kids up with healthy, disease fighting insides and a kick arse strong immune system!

Anyone else found it hard to be healthy?

Cass xo

* GUESS WHAT!!! They replied letting me know that I brought up a good point and they wont be using lollies as a reward anymore! That makes me feel so good! It just shows how a small note can make a huge difference to the health of a great group of children! Don’t ever be shy about sharing concerns for the health and wellbeing of your children! xo

February 15, 2014