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BABY FOOD : Mixed Fruit Rice Cerial

It’s definitely that time in mummyhood that I constantly feel like all I’m doing is either preparing food or feeding a child… Another meal, another snack, maybe a nap and then more food. Having food ready and in hand for baby can be a constant battle but with some good preparation, it gets easier and easier! 
Most of you know by now that the little packages of baby rice cereal you can get in the supermarket aren’t really my go, I know they can be easy but cooking big batches in advance is also super easy and your baby is getting a less “processed” food using organic wholegrains that is much better for them. 
My kids are eaters, so when brekky time hits in our house; I usually have a screaming baby and a demanding toddler screeching at me for their breakfast. It is the worst mixture and I’m sure breakfast takes 10 times longer to get on the table with the craziness. Yes cooking wholegrains takes longer to prepare than rice cereal but to avoid the craziness; as soon as I wake up, I throw some quinoa or brown brown rice or oats on the stove to get cooking. It only takes 10 mins to cook so by the time the kids have realised that they are awake their breakfast is ready! 
Heres my latest go to brekky for the babes; it’s super easy and I pop the left overs in little containers for Sunny to have as snacks or freeze down for when we are stuck for time and we need brekky on the run. 
1 cup brown rice or Quinoa grains
1 cup of mixed fruit (I use whatever’s around; apple banana, blueberries, peaches, etc are all great options)
Filtered water for cooking
Place grains and filtered water in a pot and cook as directed on the packet. 
After 5 minutes, add in your fruit and keep simmering. You may need to add more water at this step. 
Once grains and fruit are cooked to desired taste, mix well. Break down any big pieces of fruit. 
You can leave chunky or purΓ©e in the blender depending on what your baby prefers. 
Then serve with some natural goats yogurt! 
Try it! Baby will love you for it! 
Cass x x

February 6, 2014