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Please excuse me; I've been busy…

Last week I attended a mothers talk run by the church; it’s a quarterly morning tea, the big kids go to Playgroup and the mums get the chance to drink a cuppa in peace and listen to a fellow mum share her inspiring story… It’s a really nice morning to attend. 

Last week; a wonderful mum shared her story of how she struggled with motherhood in the early days but overcame wanting “more” and recognised her most important job of all and that was to be a mum. She shared with us how fast time flys, children grow up and it’s not a good way to live; to be wishing the time away as she had once done… This resonated so deeply with me. My mind is never still; I am always looking for something new, something different, I’m always answering an email, on a phone call or checking Facebook… This is not being a mum, this is hanging around my children while I work. It really made me look into what I am really doing and recognise that for the past year, I have not been doing my full time job properly of being a mum. There are days that I have wished would go faster so the years could go quicker for my babies to be big kids and just learn how to put their shoes on themselves or get themselves their own snack or fold their own washing… But these moments, these days, I’m not showing my babies how much I love them and I am not being a good example of how a mother should be and when these moments have passed my babies won’t be asking for cuddles and won’t be needing their mummy anymore. These moments will be over.
I look at all the hard work I have done and the amazing opportunities that have and are being thrown at me and it makes me so appreciative of the life we have, it does. I really don’t look at this as work and it was never meant to be; it’s a passion for me to share with all of you, I get such a buzz out of it and I do what I do so that I can be with my kids… So when I am with them why am I not truly there for them??? Why, as mothers, do we want “more” when the most important thing for us to be working on is starring us right in the face, looking up at us telling us that they love us?? We are our children’s only mums and know one can take that job away from us! 
This past week has been a week full of mother soul searching, lots of cuddles, kisses and conversations with my little ones, so please excuse me for being far away for the blog but I have been away working on being a mum, after all, it is the best job in the world!
Make sure you give your kids a big kids and a cuddle tonight and tell them that you love them!!!!
Cass x x
February 18, 2014
February 28, 2014