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The gift of a meal…

Last tuesday I was having one of those days when you high five yourself that you even made it out of the house but then you get out and realise you haven’t had a shower for a couple of days *. It’s not that I like being dirty, gosh no! The baby is so needy for his mummy, the toddler asks a thousand questions, the day gets busier and then bushka; it’s night time and I’m so tired I roll into bed without even thinking, for the next days cycle to begin…

So on this particular, one of those days; I finally got out of the house and made it to playgroup (only 1 and a half hours late)… Coming to the end of playgroup closing time, I couldn’t help thinking about how I was going to face the piles of washing when I got home, the dirty bathroom, etc, etc, etc, and then feed the children, you get the idea… My brain was a mess and my body was pooped, when out of the blue, a fellow mum passed me a nourishing home made meal. It was a meal all packaged up ready for dinner that night to feed my little tribe, no reason, just a “why not?” type of meal. I could of kissed her feet, given her a big hug and slapped a big sloppy one on her cheek.  It was a game changer; it wasn’t just about the food, it was the motivation to move onto the next motion of the day and for every ounce of that meal I am ever so grateful!

The next day, another meal landed on my doorstep (WOW!) by another great friend. Out of the blue, just because. 2 nights my little family had been fed and I hadn’t had to battle the winging, the questions, and the juggle between a hot pot and holding a wriggling baby by myself with Mr A away with work. It was AMAZING!

So it got me thinking, if a simple gift of meal can make such a difference for me, why not share the love around… Overflowing with turkey shortcuts, I made 2 huge stock pots full of turkey bolognaise and went door delivering. I still have a few more doors to stop off at but this delivery girl feels good and the gift of giving is so great!

So this week, if you have some left overs, why not take them over to a fellow mums house and make their load a little lighter for that day? It may just save their sanity for the week ahead!

Cass xo

* yes, disgusting! Please tell me I’m not the only one that happens too.