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Her very first bike, a BYK BIKE!

This big girl has been talking about having a “pedal bike” ever since she set her eyes on a friends at the beginning of last year… With alot of chat and a fair bit of researching we wanted to find a bike that would be easy to ride, safe and something she could pass onto her little brother. Every bike we seemed to stumble across was bright pink and covered in blah… Yeh as girly as my little girl is, I do struggle at times with the bright pink frilly blah! I was scouring online for months; I wanted a bike that would last!  Alot of the bikes on the market are hard to learn on so kids dont get the opportunity to be given a good foundation when learning how to ride a bike. Their wheels are small and the frames a little awkward… After alot of time spent on Mr google I got stuck on the byk bikes website; they just looked so pretty (yes I can be sold easily on the look of some things) with such a great range of bikes for every age. What drew me in closer, was the look of the wheel size of the bikes; they looked so big which makes it so simple for little ones to get moving. Mix that with the ergonomic frames, long lasting parts and the fun bright colours and I was sold… That was it, we had to have one!

We decided on the E-350x2i geared kids bike; this bike is pretty special as it has an internal 2-speed i-motion gear system which has been customised for this E-350x2i. There are no external moving parts so its super safe and amazingly easy to learn on. All byk bikes have lightweight alloy wheels and smooth fast rolling tires so that pedalling is easier and kids can keep moving for longer. Along with a whole heaps of other wonderful features, what is also very cool, is that byk bikes are 30% lighter than most kids bikes on the market; another reason they are easier to ride! Byk bikes are made for kids, designed by a dad and really are a fantastic bike for our children!

Bringing home princess P’s brand new pedal bike was a delight in itself, the look of glee in her eyes and the excitement in your voice… “IS.. THIS.. REALLY… MY … PEDAL… BIKE???” And then the eagerness to get up and riding was just such a beautiful proud moment for us all. Our little girls first big girl bike!
So the afternoons have been spent cutting laps at the park, getting the hang of pushing the pedals and the listening to the calling out from the rider singing; “look at me mummy! I’m going faster faster!”


The ByK [prounounced ‘bi-kay’] Bike was born from one father’s desire to build a bike that was made specifically for children.  One that was suitable for a child’s growing body and differing proportions to that of an adult.  Warren Key has owned bicycle stores his whole life and knows a thing or two about bike design.

He has a 12, 10 and 6 year old and realised early on that there were no well designed bikes on the market for children, anywhere in the world.  After a few years of research, design and prototypes, the ByK Bike is now available for Australian children to own.

With the ergonomic design, the bikes fit the rider better in all the right places for all the right reasons. Never before have children had a better chance to learn to ride and love to ride. – See more at: http://www.bykbikes.com/

Disclaimer: This awesome byk bike was gifted to us for review but all words and opinions are my own. 
March 16, 2014