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RECIPE: Going nuts for apricot treaty balls! (Only 4 ingredients in the thermomix)

So did I tell you I (FINALLY) got a thermomix? You know, that amazing machine that transforms your life? Yeah that one, it really is AMAZING! Its been in my life for 5 days now and I have made about 15 things in it, it has really inspired me to get back in the kitchen and make some great food again and create some awesome recipes to share with you! I am making dishes I never thought I could or would but its so simple that its hard not to want to try! And thats what I believe this wizz bang thermo-thingy is all about; it inspires us to create food and serve dishes that we never thought we would in a million years! I am calling it the inspo-machine and it really is a huge part of the “real food” revolution! It saves time, money and people will be eating clean food with no unnecessary additives. It really makes me so happy that this is inspiring so many people to make their own food and fantastic food at that, that comes out perfect every time!

So when I unpacked it on saturday morning the first thing I made was a very simple, favourite of ours just to check out the processor and it was magic! So heres my 4 ingredient super simple, yet absolutely delicious treaty ball recipe… ENJOY!

2 cups of mixed nuts (preferably activated)
2 cups Organic dried apricots (sulphur free)
1 cup of dried figs
desiccated coconut for rolling

Throw the nuts and dried fruit into the thermomix (or a high powered food processor) and wizz on speed 7 for 30 seconds or until mixtured is fine and sticking together.
then roll into teaspoon sized balls and roll in the coconut.
Refrigerate until serving.
These can last in the freezer for a while.

Makes 12 (at least)

If you want some more info about the one and only THERMOMIX make sure you contact me; [email protected]… I would love to answer any questions.
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March 8, 2014