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3am snuggles

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You know that time throughout the night when theres a stir in the house, the silence is stopped, it’s about 3am??? A rangling, tired toddler stumbles out of bed and down the hall way or a baby starts to make those noises that say; “I’m not going back to sleep unless you come get me”… Either one; it’s those noises that make us Mumma’s be worth a much higher salary and a much better award. But when one of those babes gets into my bed and snuggles up right beside me; there the moments that we cherish. Those moments when we know our babies feel complete safety right up next to mummy and we know those moments will not last forever.

This past week has been pretty hard with a yucky sick bug hanging around the house; Little P has been bouncing off the walls with boredom but little Sunshine has been miserable and really struggled. The tuff independent trooper has turned to me for every waking moment of cuddles and all night escapades. It’s warmth, it’s safety, it’s love. The power of touch is so great, it’s so nurturing and our children need that positive contact with their parents to feel truly loved and adored. When Sunny does give me those big cuddles he needs, it’s such a special moment and it really feels closer to nature. The way the world intended parenting to be. Natural, nurturing and full of love! 

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