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Winter Exploring!

What a pair these two are; from the love of kisses and cuddles to a few pushes and shoves’; these 2 buddies love each other to the end of the world and back. When we said that we wanted to take them down to the water to have a play and take some pictures of them in their new cotton on Kids Hunter puffer jackets they couldn’t get in the car quick enough; but in true 3 year old style they didn’t want a bar of the camera and got straight into playing where we weren’t really sure we wanted them to play. HAH! The fun that these little ones have is great to watch and the exploring that that “MUST” do is awesome! What fun they have together!

Little P is wearing the Atomic Red Hunter Puffer Jacket and her buddy Mr A is wearing the Indian Ink Hunter Puffer Jacket. These jackets are amazing and perfect for this upcoming chilli winter! As soon as P put hers on; it reminded me of our snow days and made me want to take the kids on a winter adventure. They are just too cute! Cotton On kids have some fantastic winter gear coming out including these gorgeous little girls bomber jackets and these super cute puffer vests (I had to get one of those for my little Sunshine). FUN FUN FUN!

Go ahead and check out more of what Cotton On has for your little babes here; http://shop.cottonon.com/cotton-on-kids/
April 13, 2014