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REAL MUM REVIEW : Kiinde’s Revolutionary Breastmilk Storage System


About Kiinde: Kiinde supplies the simplest range of products to collect, organise, store, prepare and feed breastmilk and is now available in Australia. Kiinde develop’s innovative and revolutionary
products to make life safer and easier for your little ones, and for you.  Their unique product design strategy is defined by combining the talents of world class MIT-trained engineers and product developers with a disciplined, customer-centric design philosophy. All Kiinde products are designed and tested in the United States, ensuring top-notch safety and quality. The results are products that simplify, liberate, enable, accelerate, and delight.

I have been delaying using my breast pump with my second baby because I remember all of the annoying fiddly things you have to deal with like storage, pouring milk from the bottle to the bag, etc.
Finding this Kiinde product was a great impetus to get me pumping again! It seemed much easier than last time; just attach the bag to the pump, and start pumping!
The package comes with a range of attachments to any breast pump you can think of, so it really is universal. I used it with my Medela Swing and the Medela attachment fit perfectly with no drips or leakage.
The best thing about the bags is the lids, which mean you don’t have to worry about frozen breast milk lining the bottom of your freezer!!

It was a relief to have a whole storage system for my expressing this time round. It has made the process so much easier and I’ve been pumping, not out of necessity, but just to get a whole night of sleep, while my husband feeds my daughter. Last time, I would only pump when completely necessary as  it was too much of a hassle.

A little more about this great system; 

  • Kiinde supplies the simplest range of products to collect, organise, store, prepare and feed
  • breastmilk and is now available in Australia from select retailers and at www.kiinde.com.au
  • Kiinde Twist Pouches are direct-pump breast milk storage bags that provide the toughness and leak- proof guarantee of a bottle combined with the low cost and compact size of disposable breast milk
  • storage bags
  • Pouches twist-lock into pumps from ALL major brands for leak-proof, transfer-free pumping 
  • Collect, store and feed using the same pouch
  • No need to pour milk from bags to bottles
  • Recycle after use – no dirty dishes!
  • Leak-proof twist-locking cap

Kiinde would love to give all Live it, Do it readers the opportunity to WIN one of their amazing starter kits valued at $79.95 which includes; 

  • 20 Pre-sterilised TwistTM breast milk storage pouches with twist-locking caps 

  • 10 Direct-pump adapters 

  • 2 SqueezeTM natural feeding bottles 

  • 1 Slow-flow Active LatchTM nipple with case

  • 1 Medium-flow Active LatchTM nipple with case 

  • 1 Fast-flow Active LatchTM nipple with case 

  • 1 KeeperTM breast milk holder and organizer 

  • 2 Nipple brushes

All you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter link below… GOOD LUCK!



The Twist feeding system is available individually as well as in starter kits and gift sets. All of

these new products are be available at select retailers and at www.kiinde.com.au

April 5, 2014
April 11, 2014