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RECIPE: Sugar Free Anzac cookies

Its Anzac day tomorrow and I havent had time this week to create a delicious healthy anzac cookie recipe to share with you BUT never fear; I stumbled across these amazing sugar free healthy anzac’s over on Sarah Wilson’s I quit Sugar blog this morning and dont they look divine??? I had to share the recipe with you, I am definitely going to give them a whirl tomorrow. 
Here are a couple of oat-ie biscuit recipes from the archives that you may like to try too!
For the breast feeding mumma’s; Boobie Bickies
And for the paleo’s; Grain Free Maple Crunch Cookies
These ones are so freaking delish! Go here for the recipe; https://www.liveitdoit.com.au/2012/09/recipe-grain-free-maple-crunch-cookies.htmlFor the breast feeding mumma’s; Boobie Bickies

Go here for the recipe; https://www.liveitdoit.com.au/2013/09/recipe-boobie-bickies.html

Happy Anzac Day! Have a lovely long weekend with your friends and family!
April 27, 2014