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Its time to take a deep Breathe!

A couple of weeks ago; we celebrated our little Sunshine turning 1. We sung Happy Birthday, opened presents and I stood up in front of a very small group of our closest friends and family to thank them for being there for us as we travelled through a year that I really thought I would never
make it through.  It’s not a secret that this past year has been the hardest year of my life; I have been exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally… Our baby boy has brought so much light and love into our lives and really made our amazing family complete but every day has been a struggle. And the time has come to realise that that is not alright… I have been an over tired, uninspired, weight gaining machine this past year and it had came a time when I finally realised that enough is enough. Eating the way I do shouldnt cause the things that are going on inside me physically and mentally and this brought me to a place that I knew I shouldn’t be… My biggest battle is the motivation that I have lacked to get up and move and then the self doubt when I cant understand why I have become what I have become; this person that cant sleep all night and wants to sleep all day is far from the person that I am. 
There have been many days that I have taken myself to bed at 4pm and my husband has to pick up the pieces of the day. 
The problem with being a mum; is that there is always something that you can put yourself down about; why cant I keep the house clean? Why cant I get the clean washing back into the cupboards? Why cant I be happy with the amazing life that I have? Why cant I get off my butt and lose some weight? What is wrong with me??? Why cant I do it all!?!? The truth is; we simply cant! Its not in our biochemistry!
The biggest confusion for me was that I eat the way I do and just keep putting on weight (alot of weight!); it just didn’t make sense, I was stumped so it came the point when I knew I had to go to see someone so I called my local holistic GP… And I am so grateful that I did! A couple of weeks on, no anti depressants and every blood test you can imagine; I have answers! Simple answers that so many mums don’t get before they are prescribed some sort of mood enhancing medication. How can anyone be happy, motivated or lose weight if they are overworked, stressed up to the eye balls, nutrient deficient and so hormonally unbalanced that anyone coming near them may be bombarded with psycho-ness? And if your wondering who I’m talking about, yes that would be me! But so many mums are feeling this exact way too! It shouldn’t be about masking the symptoms, we need to treat the actual problem and that lies in our insides… Did you know that depression in itself can be a mixture of nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalance brought on by stress, food or toxicity? I really don’t know how I missed the signs and symptoms and didn’t get my big butt to the doctor earlier instead of wasting all this time feeling so miserable. One of the biggest concerns is that I was eating well but when the stress hormone kicks in its really hard for the body to respond and take in any goodness and my thyroid is just not doing its job. It is a common problem and can be an uphill battle as any exhausted mum, but for me; I now have a whole heap of answers and hope on the horizon! It is so important for us, as mums to look after ourselves first. We are so important, we are so incredible so if we dont; the whole ship can sink.

If you are feeling tired, unmotivated, and down; Take yourself to a Holistic Doctor or Naturopath and get yourself checked out. Look for someone that has studied nutrition and get some blood tests. Life is about feeling good!

I’ve started a bunch of supplements, extra green smoothies, regular meals and being more active at stopping to just Breathe. I am starting to feel better every day. I’ll keep you updated on the journey. In the mean time; make sure you watch the above recording of the incredible message from Dr Libby on TEDx; its a must watch for Mumma’s! Lets save Womens health and remember just how amazing we really are!


May 19, 2014