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Greens in the garden

In the busy of weekend life and as it’s been getting colder we have been spending less and less time in the garden, more and more time inside and getting a little less interested in the green foods that are so high in live nutrients. 
I just have a thing about buying greens as conventionally they are so heavily sprayed with pesticides and they are a little harder to find organically grown and a whole lot more expensive to buy! 
They are so easy to grow with the right weather and attention that it’s hard to justify spending the money. 
As well as that, it’s fun to play around in the garden with your kids and have something for them to be responsible for that they are nurturing and feeding. This is so important for children to really understand where their food comes from so they can truly appreciate it and not just think that everything comes from the supermarket. 
So after watching “Underfed and Over nourished” on Friday night, we woke up full of inspiration for how we could get into the garden and keep involving our kids in how good food comes to our table. We headed off early to visit our local nursery; bought a few seedlings (we are a little late in the season to be planting seeds) and came home for some dirty hand type of family time. 
It was super fun and it was encouraging to see how many great nutrients we will be growing with the right care. 
We planted;
And did a whole lot of weeding!! 
I’ll keep you updated on our new little baby greens process! I’m looking forward to all the home grown green smoothie action to come!!!
Cass x x x