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RECIPE: Cheesy Pikelets (Wheat free and delicious!)

Sunday morning crazy begins; nagging for breakfast then the next snack then lunch then blah blah blah … The food supply never gets forgotten and the kids are always hungry.. Always!!! 
I’m starting to take the “be prepared for the next meal” approach. A lot of mums are all over this by now but I have taken a while to realise how much easier life is if things are more organised. Things like cooking a few things at a time in the morning in the hope of keeping the kitchen that bit tidier for the day ahead instead of constantly being in it is my latest goal!!! This morning snack was this beauty; made at breakfast time, put aside ready to go. Just add some avocado on top and a bit of salt and pepper and you have a side of savoury delcious-ness. Great for little hands but also a nice little treat for us big kids too… Enjoy my friends!

275g Goats or Sheeps milk feta

2 TBLS coconut sugar
2 eggs
200g goats milk kefir (Its ok to use any yogurt instead)
75ml water
250g Wholemeal spelt (or gluten free) flour
Coconut oil or ghee for frying
1. Wizz all ingredients in a food processor or in your thermomix for 10 seconds/speed 6
2. Once all ingredients are combined let rest for at least 30 mins.
3. Add coconut oil (or ghee) to your pan and cook pikelets for 2-3 minutes a side over low-medium heat. 

Makes about 20
Great for school lunches or a snack on the go… Enjoy!

* Aren’t iphone photos amazing? haha NOT!
June 21, 2014
June 26, 2014