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The next big "WHAT TO EAT" course to be at!


You know when you meet someone and the light and passion radiates from them like a lightning bolt?
I met Georgia Lienemann from Stirring Change at Frenchs Forest farmers market about 3 years ago; I had my baby girl; Pia that was just about to begin on solids and I wanted to learn of all things food and what were the best foods for my little girl to get started on. I was a passionate mother, Georgia was passionate about EVERYTHING! She was so happy, excited and full of life and so pumped about how she could help other people; I just wanted to learn from her!
Soon after; my sister and I enrolled in one of her workshops at Nature Care College; “Get Cultured” and that course was one that really got me excited about food as medicine BUT also freaked me out at how we are going so wrong as a society!

I began brewing Kefir, got into kombucha and all these funky traditional foods that I never really knew much about. We learnt so much in such little time, It was amazing! I was definitely hooked and I became a Stirring Change course junky; looking back my fifth post EVER on this blog now, it was about my second Stirring Change course; “Turn your food to Medicine“. (Have a read; its a good one!) This course was followed by Raw Living, a Raw Breakfast workshop, an amazing 4 day Botanical Way Course run by both Omid Jafari and Georgia, and then a cultured condiments workshop. All the Courses run by Georgia are incredibly inspiring, not to mention the endless amount of great and inspiring information that is shared over on the Stirring Change Facebook Page and in their monthly Newsletter!

This is why I am super excited to share with you Georgia’s baby; the “WHAT TO EAT” program that is open for registrations in a week! This program looks AMAZING! Its the big Kahuna! Its a 3 month program run fortnightly which makes it easy to attend, take in the information and put it into practise between classes AND its the last ever FACE to FACE program that Georgia will be running so you do not want to miss out!

Principles The WHAT TO EAT program will be covering:

> In-depth, lively discussion of WHAT we should be eating and WHY
> Rediscovering important nutrients that have been ignored by health experts 
> Discussion of the respective pros and cons of all the different dietary theories
> Analysis of the best dietary fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and individual nutrients
> Detailed explanation of ‘anti-nutrients’ and how to reduce them
> Discussion about the role of human gut flora / how fermented foods can play a role
> How our mental and emotional state affect our biochemistry (especially digestion and immunity)
> Exploring nose-to-tail eating and traditional methods of food preparation
> Also: Organics vs conventional, food labelling laws and where to source ingredients
> Our power as conscious consumers: how to vote for a better system by supporting the real food movement

Thats just a touch of the info that will be covered; be sure to head on over to the Stirring Change website for details and see what the past graduates have to say about the course. Keep your eyes peeled to the Stirring Change Facebook page for how to register!

This is a course not to be missed; I repeat… NOT TO BE MISSED!!! I cant wait! Hope to see you there! xo

PS. Think this looks delicious below??

To see Georgia’s FREE breakfast tutorial to make this savoury delicious-ness head over here —>  https://stirringchange.leadpages.net/breakfast-solution1/