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Our Health Experts Have it Wrong!


You’ve heard me ramble on about how Great Georgia is here, here, and here… So I think its time I hand over the reigns and let the lady herself share a bit with you about her exciting upcoming “what to eat” program that will be happening very soon and how, when it comes to diet, we may of all got it all wrong! It looks incredible! I cant wait!

Your optimal diet.

Imagine if, despite best intentions, you had it all backwards?
Most of our health experts do. So how are we supposed to be sure?
If you’re suffering with gut symptoms, can’t shake off Winter illness or struggling with fatigue or mood imbalances: there ARE answers.
And Traditional folk knew them long before we had the questions!
I was reminiscing yesterday about our divine two-week stint in Lombok, last year. The traditional people there have digestible, nourishing and (most importantly) FLAVOURFUL foods down pat. Observing their local fare reinforced so many of the ideas we discuss in the program.
So, which foods form the bulk of their diet? White rice, starchy tubers, tropical fruits & animal fat / protein.
What you don’t see in significant portions: whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds & leafy greens. 
We’ve been led to believe by our health experts that these ‘anti-nutrient’-rich foods should form the basis of a healthy diet. (In the ‘What to Eat’ program we discuss the politics of how this came to be).
They’re certainly healthy to include in small amounts, however with our collective health issues, (especially widespread gut and thyroid dysfunction), there are other OPTIMAL foods which are better suited to our physiology.
If you’re keen to get clear about conflicting nutrition advice and would like a new direction to head in – you’re not alone.
If you’re up for a refreshing take on things, a truly inspirational & supportive community and lasting change.. don’t just sit there!  😉
Our last ever class is filling up quickly and we’d LOVE to have you with us on the journey. Our grads are eagerly awaiting your arrival in the Facebook group.

July 6, 2014
July 9, 2014