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REAL MUM REVIEW: Love to Dream INVENTA Sleep Bag – 2.5 Tog

When you are all loved up in the midst of pregnancy you don’t ever dream that when you become a mum that your greatest wish will be to have a full nights sleep do you???
Little miss P was such a great sleeper, she would get tucked up in her bed and drift off for the night* and my little Sunshine is a great sleeper now but he wasn’t always. He was pretty terrible when he first entered the world; up every hour during the night to feed and cuddle, then as he grew he was so hungry all the time he was still up to feed and cuddle. He has always been a wriggle pot so we have never been  able to use any blankets in his bed in the fear of him suffocating himself so it has always been about the love me up swaddles and now sleeping bags. This winter has been super cold and our house has absolutely no insulation so you can imagine how freezing it is in here, heaters don’t even have a chance at warming up a room so we had to find a comfy, cosy and warm sleeping bag for our Sunny to keep him snug but also keep him really toasty so he wouldn’t wake up from the chill in the air. The 2.5 Tog Inventa Sleeping bag has been an absolute winner! On nights that our little guy is using something else due to this beauty being in the wash, he wakes at least once. I have secretly named this sleeping bag the sleep machine, it has made it onto my mummy-must-have list for all mums that want their babes to sleep sleep, sleep, sleep! Whats cool to is that is it grows with your child so you get more bang for your buck. I love it! 
Features of the Love to Dream INVENTA Sleep Bag – 2.5 Tog:
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 100% natural bamboo fill
  • 100% cotton lining is brushed for a cosy feel
  • Ergonomic Design, soft stretch fabric for increased comfort
  • Longa ShortaTM length feature
Be sure to check out the Love to Dream website, I am such a huge fan of everything thats there! 

*Shes not like that now though!

* Disclaimer: I was gifted this product for my little guy to trial but I loved it so much I really wanted to share it with you. All words and comments are my own true opinion.
July 20, 2014