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The importance of Pelvic floor exercise during pregnancy { + WIN A $150 LORNA JANE VOUCHER! }

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The question I have today for all of the Ladies out there is; Did you do regular pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy? And do you do pelvic floor exercises regularly now? 

Sadly this question is usually answered by a “no”, or even; “I didn’t know I was meant to?” I talk to mums everyday and our conversations usually revolve around toilet talk; whether its our babies digestive movements or laughing about a sneeze turning into a loss of bladder control. That laughter usually ends in; “Why do mums have it so hard?” And really, why should us mums have it so hard? The truth is that if we look after our bodies well we wont have to deal with those issues. Pregnancy and child birth puts so much pressure on our bodies and thats why the health of all mums should be taken seriously and well looked after. I wasn’t too good during my pregnancy with pelvic floor exercises; it was always vaguely in the back of my mind that I had to do them but I always seemed to forget or tell myself I was going to do them later. The silly thing is that its so simple to do these exercises anywhere, you don’t have to be in your exercise gear at the gym. You can do them simply sitting at the traffic lights in the car! What we need to remember though is that Pelvic floor exercises and pre/post pregnancy fitness is so very important for our bodies to work at optimum level in everyday life.
And really, who doesn’t want to be able to have a jump on the trampoline with their kids and not be scared a little bit of wee may come out? 
Did you know that having a baby makes a woman three times more likely to leak than a woman who hasn’t had one? In fact, one in three women who’ve ever had a baby will wet themselves. In the majority of cases, however, urinary incontinence as a result of pregnancy and childbirth is preventable and treatable.
This is why their is such an importance to reach out to all women and this is what the Continence Foundation‘s aim is to do exactly that. 

The Continence Foundation of Australia has a mission to represent the interests of Australians
affected by, or at risk of, bladder and bowel control problems and act as an advocate
for their interests so this is why they have released an amazing new app called Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan. The app is geared towards pregnant women to raise awareness and provide practical information regarding pelvic floor, bladder and bowel health. 

I have been playing around with this app the past couple of weeks and it is such a fantastic resource; its super simple for users as they are encouraged to input their due date to view information and receive push notifications relating to key pregnancy milestones personalised for their due date. A key function of the app is the information about how to do pelvic floor exercises and the ability to set up reminders to perform them 3 times per day… These were definitely the reminders that I would of loved during my pregnancies! 

 Topics covered in the app include (but not limited too):
  • ·       Safe exercise during pregnancy
  • ·       Looking after your back
  • ·       Bladder and bowel control problems – symptoms, causes and tips for management
  • ·       Tips for healthy bladder and bowel habits
  • ·       Preparing for the birth
  • ·       Pregnancy and postnatal abdominal muscle bracing
  • ·       Sex during and after pregnancy
  • ·       General information about what to expect during check-up’s with your health professional during your pregnancy
  • ·       Communicating with your partner
  • ·       Post natal depression
  • ·       Did you know? section for each milestone
  • ·       Where to get help: finding local services for pelvic floor problem

So there are no excuses… If you are a woman; you need to check out this app! Take a look around and let me know what you think?

App Download Links: Will be available on iTunes & Google Play for Android

Further great resources; 
Specific information:

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July 20, 2014