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Three clever ways to save your family $$$


We all know how it pays to be clever and think into the
future but in the rush from day to day the best of intentions can get pushed
aside. Here are a few ways to save your family dollars that can then be spent
on more important or fun things!
the most of what (food) you’ve already got
You’d know from my blog already that I am passionate about
fresh food and health-promoting high quality ingredients. While we do all we
can to buy in bulk and direct from the producer, through the local farmers
market, these food items make up a significant part of our family spending each
week. It’s not just the money either. Throwing away food is one of the most
careless and wasteful things a person can do, and when I have on rare occasions
had to do it, I’ve felt incredibly guilty.
Aside from the obvious, only buy what you think your
family will genuinely consume each week…. try to consume, or cook and freeze,
all the perishable items from your shopping before you shop again. Sort of like
what you do before going on holiday. Sounds basic, I know, but the very act of
doing this can trigger some creative cooking and delicious results.
You can apply this principle to any dried or longer
storage ingredients as well. Keeping popular pantry items on high rotation
helps to ensure that you, and your family, always eat the freshest possible
ingredients. So good for those growing bodies!
cost saving estimate $75
on car tyres
Fuel is another big expense for our family. Before I had
kids I had no idea just how much driving around I’d need to do with two young
children. I’ve got a feeling that there will be even more of this as they get
Here clever fuel saving technology comes to the rescue. Goodyear Assurance
Triplemax tyres
are designed with less material in
the tyre and lower heat generation to reduce rolling resistance, which uses
less energy, reduces fuel consumption and saves you money.
It’s nice to know that this fuel saving doesn’t compromise
performance, Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres are also specifically designed
for better braking, grip on wet road, extra durability and added protection
against road hazards.
The savings don’t end there; Goodyear is currently
offering four for the price of three on its Assurance Triplemax range – take up
this offer here.
Expected savings of up to $500
‘Present Box’
With two young children, their playmates, plus our large
extended family there is always a birthday coming up on the calendar. Shopping
last minute is time consuming, costly and often unpleasant. If, like me, you
are not ‘born organised’ with each gift pre bought and wrapped months in
advance, there is cheaper and much less stressful option.
You can shop at home from your very own ‘Present Box’.
Essentially this is a small collection of pre-bought gifts, which you can wrap
and personalise for any occasion.
When building up the gift collection, think ‘small and
thoughtful’. Women love little luxuries like scented candles, leather luggage
tags, bath bombs and rich hand creams with natural ingredients. For men I tend
to buy more quirky items like cool fridge magnets, decks of cards with pin ups
from the fifties and small leather-bound notebooks. I’m always on the lookout
for beautiful picture books for young children. For older kids, self powered
torches plus old-fashioned toys like spinning tops and self assemble wooden
gliders are well received.
The idea here is not to go out and buy all this stuff at
once. When you are out and about (or even online) and spot something unique,
affordable and appealing as a gift, buy it and add to the present box. This
comes with a warning for shopaholics and hoarders… make sure you don’t stock up
on more gifts then you have friends for!
cost saving estimate $350 (depending on your social life!)

July 13, 2014