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A hangover of a different kind

haha. love this! {source}

I have been gluten free (again) for a few months now. Its something I have played around with time and time again as wheat and gluten has never really agreed with me but this time I am doing it for health reasons; to fix my gut and thyroid issues once and for all. I don’t find it hard to stay off gluten when I’m focused. I love cooking and there are heaps of fun and healthy alternatives to keep me on track. BUTTTTT last week when we went to the snow; I was tired from being up late launching the ebook and the fluffy white stuff kept staring me in the face everywhere I went so I had a bit of a gluten binge… Nothing over the top, just had a nibble on some white sourdough here and there. It was pretty tasty but I could tell my body wasn’t agreeing with it almost instantly, I felt a bit yuck in the stomach but let it go and got on with things. The next day was a different story; I was puffy, bloated and a complete psychopath… like really depressed!!! Not because I felt bad for eating it, I didn’t at all, it was just my mood, it was what really showed me how much my body doesn’t like gluten, food can affect us is such different ways and I was feeling like that most of the time when I was consuming the stuff. How did I not realise before that something so simple could make me feel so crap; tired, lethargic, depressed, down and all round yuck. Its definitely something I know now that I need to stay away from. Its nice to be aware of what works well and what doesn’t, Its time to be more mindful in the way we all eat.

Chat soon. Cass x