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REAL MUM REVIEW: A week off kitchen duty with Eat Fit Food.

Last week would of had to have been the busiest week in my blogging history; attending a few events, finalising my ebook, releasing it, having my hub coming and going and having 2 sick kid-lets on top of some other work I needed to get done. I was exhausted and really wondering if everything was going to get done on time until I received a lovely email from Eat Fit Food with a meal pack special; we jumped on it and got a weeks worth of lunches and dinners for the family. I am such a huge fan of Eat Fit food; the meals, their philosophies and their wonderful staff with such a passion for health and a vision for a clean eating world. All their food is ‘REAL’, no additives, no refined sugars, all ethically sourced and no crap! They know where its at and they give their customers a great service of beautifully presented, delicious meals, delivered to their door daily. That means nothing frozen, just real food ready to go. 
We enjoyed stir-fry chicken and cashew nuts, baked fish and vegetables, prawn noodle salads, lamb roasts and more! Its like having a personal chef cooking up meals that are restaurant quality but only full of goodness. These meals for the week meant that we ate; really! Haha we ate more that dippy eggs with chopped raw carrot as I just didn’t have the time to be spending in the kitchen that I usually would. Eat Fit food gave me the little break I needed to get the work done and keep us all nourished and with very happy tummy’s! 
I highly recommend checking out what they have to offer. You wont be disappointed!!!