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Day 2 #sugarfreeseptember – MY INSPIRATION!

These two little faces are the reason I threw my heart and soul into real food! When little P was born, like every mother, I was given the responsibility to feed my child. That huge responsibility gave me the drive to research into every food that was to enter her little body; I wanted everything that she ate to be of the best quality to give her the best start to life that I possibly could. She shines so bright, I am yet to ever take her to the doctor, even at age 3 she is passionate about being healthy and saying NO to junk; She makes me a very proud mum. 
My little boy, on the other hand has found it a lot harder to thrive, he has struggled with gut issues which has contributed to a whole lot of intolerances, eczema and big wild tantrums… We are working so hard to feed his health naturally and kick the bad bacteria in the butt! He has taught me so much more about health and healing and he gives me even more drive to share how food choices really can heal! 
Being a parent is a crazy thing in itself but my husband and I are so inspired to make whole and real food choices for our children as their health is in our hands!
It has been a real journey for us and we have had people put us down and ridicule our food choices but it has also been the most empowering feeling to know that we are doing the very best we can for our children! 
You too, have all been inspiring me so much this past week with the excitement and motivation to take on this challenge! This past year has been pretty hard so I really thank you!!!! You are the greatest! 
Here’s a snapshot of the great #sugarfreeseptember pics of the day today over on Instagram …