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Dining in with Qantas

Today was a great day, not only because I got to have 4 hours of blissful child free time but I also got to hang out with some of the best while taste testing the latest menu to hit the sky at Qantas.
As a ‘real food’ blogger, on the way to the event, I was preparing myself to see food that I wouldn’t dare to eat. Let’s face it, plane food is never usually very good. It can be a bit soggy with a side of weird smell and it is far from being nutritionally dense. From what I have come across, it usually includes a lot of prepackaged ‘treats’ and processed foods. Any digestive system is not going to like that and its not a great start to a holiday right?
Well tomorrow at 5pm things are all going to change, Australia’s leading airline Qantas has taken their customers feedback seriously and are stepping it up to provide fresh, healthy food to their travellers. Gourmet, cafe style meals that taste good… really good!
A few of the dinner box menu options include:
– Japanese Slaw with chicken, ginger and sesame seeds.
– Lentil, Quinoa and falafel salad with feta and pomegranate dressing
– Farfalle pesto salad with proscuitto and toasted hazelnuts
I was super impressed and really chuffed to be honest to see that healthy food is becoming mainstream, even in the sky. Who would of thought you would see quinoa or lentils on a plane? I have only ever heard of devoted healthy mums spending hours in the kitchen preparing for flights so their little ones get some good stuff on the go as the food that is provided isn’t an option. This is a real break through and I’m really stoked that we can now feel at ease to know that we will be fed REAL FOOD when travelling.
On top of the food, I was amongst some very talented and beautiful bloggers, being wined and dined in the middle of the qantas building. It is so nice to make real life connections with people that you only know online. There is never a silent moment at a table full of influential women. It was a really fun afternoon!
Great work Qantas! Now its definitely time to book a holiday!
Cass ox
ps. The beautiful photo’s above come from the lovely people at Qantas. ;;)
September 25, 2014