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Hip Hop Health Workshop at Yoga 213

A few weeks ago now I received a very surprising email invitation to attend a Hip Hop Yoga health workshop at Yoga 213 in Bondi. An hour and a half Hip hop yoga class with the Hip hop yoga queen; Sammy Veall, followed by an intimate health talk by the one and only Lola Berry. I had no idea what I was in for but I couldn’t say no. Hip Hop, health, yoga and 4 hours of peaceful child free time, I’m in!

I arrived a little nervous to be honest as I was welcomed by a bunch of super fit yogi’s with bubbling smiles…The last yoga session I had been to was when I was pregnant over a year ago and I’m very far from being the fitt-est I have ever been, yep I was freaking out!
But I signed in, got into class and the music started pumping, the yoga class began and we flowed from one pose to the next, sweating and relaxing. It was great, the music gave it that oomph of fun for each movement and it kept me focused to keep up. Our teacher, Sammy was amazing with such a beautiful way of sharing her love of hip hop yoga.
After the meditation I felt like I was on a another planet, a good one. So relaxed and in a place where I hadn’t had the time to go for a while. Just happy to be.

Yoga was followed by some yummy homemade treats and fresh pressed juices and then we listened to Lola talk the talk about the 5 pillars of health. It was nice to hear from someone so real and so passionate about real food and health as a whole. Its easy to forget that its not all about food, we have to be good to our mental/emotional health too.
It was a great afternoon and I highly recommend checking out Yoga 213 and trying out one of their amazing hip hop yoga classes. Its such a nice vibe and an awesome workout.

Head over to – http://www.yoga213.com.au/ 
September 14, 2014