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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: The MyCook Premium

We’ve all heard of the whizz-bang multi function thermal cooking machines that make Mum life a whole lot easier right??? They have LITERALLY taken the world by storm and everyone I speak to “MUST HAVE ONE!” Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the preview of a new contender on the block, The Mycook Premium. Well it’s only new to Australia, they’ve been around for years in Europe… I believe it could be the head honcho of the bunch and I was definitely sold in an instant. Why? Because, not only was the multifunctional side of it incredible and the food was made delicious in minutes but almost all parts are made from stainless steel. Yep I said it, theres not a whole heap of plastic bits that give you a fear of serving up a side of toxins with your food. Amazing right? I am yet to test drive one of these but it looks very heavy duty and super strong so great for the most heavy handed of chef’s along with being a great fit into a family kitchen. The safety features of locking bowls and steamers sound like a winner too. I believe its worth booking yourself a demo and seeing one of these babies in action… It may just save your sanity!

What do you think? What would be the first thing you would make if you had a MyCook premium??

MyCook website: http://www.ozcook.com.au/