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4 Fab Foodie Finds

Have you heard? The wonderful people at Nutra Organics have come out with a brand new line of amazing whole-food pantry staples. They look brilliant and the coconut oil I can tell you is divine! The packaging is beautiful, quirky and simple for simple real foods that are a necessity for your pantry. More info here;

The Native Box is a brilliant idea for real foodies. Its a monthly subscription full of goodies to open up more options for healthy living. Its very reasonably priced and each box arrives at your door step each month full of lots of new products to try. I can say personally that the September box was incredible. I was shocked at how much it had in it. Such a fun idea. I love it! For more info go to;

4 My Earth are the people behind all the awesome reusable food pockets, covers and wraps. They are huge advocates of saying no to plastic and keeping this earth a happy and healthy place. Above is a picture of my favourite product; the shower cap for food, AKA food covers. You use them to cover your bowls of left overs in the fridge instead of glad wrap. Its a small step towards saving the environment and if we all just got rid of that dreaded (and pretty toxic) plastic wrap we would be doing a huge thing for our earth. Check out more of their fab products here;
Natural and Refined sugar free chocolate that tastes like the real deal; sounds pretty good to me. Well Naturally have bridged a gap in the market with their Milk and dark chocolate sweetened with stevia. Still a big treat, its a great option for people that are beginning to take on a more healthier lifestyle but would like the odd treat. Well Naturally No sugar added chocolate can be purchased in the health food isle of the supermarket in bars and now family sized blocks in a variety of tasty flavours including; milk chocolate, mint crisp, dark, acai and fruit and nut. My husband was the test pilot and he tells me it tastes amazing! His favourite is the fruit and nut. For more info go to;