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How ALDI is celebrating mums

Bardandos Mother of the Year 2014
How ALDI is celebrating mums

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to ALDI. The organic range is great which is why I’m the first one in the line, before opening time, when each week’s Special Buys are launched. You could call me a bargain hunter, but quite simply, I just like good quality and affordable prices. I’m a mum!
What I didn’t know was the long standing partnership that ALDI has with Barnardos. ALDI has been supporting this brilliant cause since 2003 donating over $2.5 million in products and financial donations. That’s incredible.
Barnardos runs a Mother of the Year award to support and celebrate incredible Mothers. It’s all about the importance of mums and the importance of children feeling safe in their homes. Every child deserves a loving family and Barnardos works hard to give the best they can to children and families in need.
Barnardos Mother of the Year awards isn’t about the mum who’s achieved the most or who’s been promoted in their chosen work. It’s bigger than that, it publicly acknowledges the huge contribution that mums make just being mums, giving their all to their family and to others to help shape Australia’s future for the better.
It’s the nurturing and support they give children to empower them to reach their full potential and be what they want to be. It’s about celebrating the love we give our children and giving them the tools emotionally to support their dreams. That right there, is such a beautiful thing. It’s hard as a mum, when you feel that life is crazy and you are just taking one step after the other. Having kids is busy but we should just stop for a moment and celebrate the thankless mothering tasks by giving love to mothers who give so much love to others. We as mums need that!
When I hear of so many children who suffer from abuse and neglect it breaks my heart – knowing we have an organisation as great as Barnardos that we can support gives me a lot of hope for a bright future for more of our Aussie kids. To celebrate wonderful mums with such a brilliant initiative gives me so much joy and watching this clip from the 2014 awards ceremony this year brought a few tears to my eyes. What an empowering project!
As part of ALDI’s fabulous and longstanding support for Barnardos, the team has recently teamed up with this year’s winner Gloria Nascimento, to design a limited edition Tandil Ultra Tropical dishwashing liquid. Gloria chose the fragrance and selected the colour and handprints that make up the packaging. It’s one of four products currently in the Tandil Ultra range. ALDI is very proud to be donating ten cents from every sale of the limited edition Tandil Ultra Tropical dishwashing liquid to Barnardos. ALDI is aiming to reach a massive $25,000 in donations through this initiative, in addition to the $100,000 donated each year and $30,000 worth of products donated to Barnardos each month.
Tandil Ultra Tropical dishwashing liquid is a limited edition product to hit stores this week. It’s extremely reasonably priced and of high-class quality. It’s exciting as a consumer to know you are doing good by the world when just purchasing the family staples. You are helping Barnardos Australia create a better life for some of the most vulnerable children in our society!
I urge you to support this cause by checking out this new product and also head over to the ALDI Australia’s Facebook page to enter the crazy competition to