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My #pinkribbonpromise

Today I make my #PinkRibbonPromise to keep my vision strong and to inspire and empower parents to make the best, informed health and food decisions for themselves and their families with pride!
What a crazy thing this thing called life can be. I am a huge believer is preventive health, living a way that promotes wellness by eating as organic as possible and living tow-tox. For those that know me, it hasn’t always been this way; I was a total party girl (still am a little), crazy nights that led into days that led into more nights. I exercised a lot but I ate badly. I craved all the wrong things and enjoyed them and then felt bad for eating them. I loved myself then hated what I was doing to my body. I hated my body and then loved the fun I was having. I was just out of school, I had plans of living the dream and along my adventure my dad fell very sick with cancer and within 4 weeks he was gone. I kept myself out of reality, I never let myself really feel anything about it, it was crap but everyone was going to get ‘it’ right? I partied through it and kept on having ‘fun’, going to uni and going out on the weekends. Occasionally the grief would come to the surface but I would just push it back down and keep on keeping on. That was until 4 years later, when I found the man of my dreams, he married me and then we became parents… Right there, that was when I was ready to face the reality that something had killed my dad. He hadn’t just passed away, he had been hit in the head with the loud flying bullet that cancer is and that was not ok. Cancer is NOT something that we wait to get and surrender to, it’s a killer that we can be in the fight to prevent and bring our kids up to do so too! I’ve talked about my pinky promise I made to my inspiring sis a couple of years ago here but its more than that! Women’s health is so important; we are the powerhouse of our families, the emotions, the support, the one that picks our babies up when they are hurt, the one that cuddles them when they are upset, the one that forgets about ourselves as we perform endless acts of selfless-ness. That is us, we are mums! That is why we need to look after ourselves and support each other through uniting together.
This month, Cancer Council NSW is encouraging all women to make a #PinkRibbonPromise to someone close to them to show their support for all women who have been, or are affected by breast or a gynaecological cancer. The #PinkRibbonPromise is a pledge that anyone can make to their sister, friend, mother, husband – anyone close them – to show that they will be there no matter what. I just love this, I believe that the support we can show one another is such a beautiful and empowering thing we can do.

I made my #PinkRibbonPromise and it is to all of you; to keep my vision strong, and to inspire and empower all of YOU to make the best, informed health and food decisions for yourselves and your families with pride! To Live it and Do it!
I want to encourage all of you to Unite in Pink and make a #PinkRibbonPromise to someone close to you this October and nominate loved ones via social media to do the same. 
You can do yours by clicking here: http://pinkribbonpromise.pinkribbon.com.au/

Your promise can be any kind of pledge you want to make to someone close to your heart.. it can be your friend, sister, mother … to let them know you really care for them and will be by their side. The Pink Ribbon Promise can be whatever you want it to be; “I promise to tell you if I think you’re taking too much on at work”, “I promise to be by your side through thick and thin”, “I promise to remind you to have your breasts checked”, it’s about best friends uniting and supporting one another no matter what and all uniting to beat women’s cancers!
You can also show your support by;
Hosting a Girls’ Night In or Pink Ribbon fundraiser. Donating to Cancer Council Pink Ribbon this October. Big or small, your donation will help beat breast and gynaecological cancers.  And/or Buying Pink Ribbon merchandise on Friday 24th October ahead of Pink Ribbon Day 2014
October 23, 2014