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What an incredible, inspiring and joyful month!

FINALLY my head surfaces above water! What an incredible, inspiring and joyful month! My brain has exploded a little and I am slowly bringing myself back down to earth… Can you believe that we have almost 6000 motivated people sign up for Sugar Free September this year??? Its just such an amazing feeling to know we have inspired such a crazy amount of people to take another step towards long term wellness for themselves and for their families! Some of you with take bits and pieces from the month and others will make it a lifestyle, its up to you where you want to take it. But what I love the most is that you can never un-learn what you have learnt and just simply reading the ingredients of a packet of food you are going to eat can really change your life forever (I fully believe that)! It’s all about choices, simple choices and making food simple again and having fun along the way. I have been so unbelievably happy hearing all your progress and stories, reading your inspiring and motivating words and seeing your pictures over the past month, it really has been a incredible journey for me too! We have built such a beautiful community online and in the facebook group, I will be keeping the group open as a place that it already a is. A special place to post real food ideas, recipes, motivation, inspiration, fun, and triumphs! So guys, a BIG, HUGE HUG of a thank you to all of you who have made this Sugar Free September such a radiant success! SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU ALL!
Cass xox
October 1, 2014