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A healthy update – week 7 EFF

This is a pic of day in the life of Eat Fit Food… A lot of food here to make up 1200 calories huh? Yes you can see smoked salmon and cashew cream cheese, chicken cashews, fruit salad with coconut yogurt, Atlantic salmon frittata, salad and tortilla chips with house made guacamole!!! 

I’m kicking off week 7 of the transformation program feeling really good with a few “uhah!” moments;
1. I put on a pair of shorts that I can finally do up comfortably (with room)
2. I have ENERGY! Like serious energy to actually do stuff, do real exercise!!!
3. I wore swimmers on a the weekend in public and went for a swim for the first time in 2 years!! Yep I haven’t worn swimmers, let alone had a swim since I was 6 months pregnant with Sunny and I live at the beach… Mainly because I was drowning so far down in my own shit that I couldn’t face the fact of anyone seeing my wobbly body … I’m still wobbly but I’m letting go of thought of what other people think and focusing on feeling good! How we feel forms a lot of our actions. 
I’ve lost 3kgs on this program so far but I’m realising more and appreciating more that the transformation has to start from within first, that’s where all the good stuff is. Bring on the next 2 weeks!!!!

November 21, 2014
November 26, 2014