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Have you heard? Theres a new boss in town??? 

Last week I hopped on over the bridge to the beautiful centennial gardens for the Kids Business annual Bloggers Brunch. They had some great brands their showcasing their products to us but the stand that I was drawn straight to was Breville. It radiated health and fun and they were blending up smoothies and making nut butters like crazy. Green Smoothies? I was immediately sucked in. The guys from Breville were demonstrating THE BOSS. The Boss is the latest whizz to hit the scene and on the day I was lucky enough to be able to take one home to try, I was so excited to have one in my hot little hands and to be able to share my experience of the machine with all of you! Even after seeing the demo, I was pretty sceptical, there are alot of high speed appliances getting thrown around now and everyone wants to make the perfect green smoothie and for their’s to be the best or most affordable, I have tried alot!!! I couldn’t contain myself though, I got straight into it when I got home. Was this really going to be the boss of all machines? I was going to sink my hands in deep and find out! There were 3 major things I wanted to test…

First up; a green smoothie of course!
I opened up the box, gave the machine a wash and filled it with a banana, almond milk, half a pear, probiotic powder, kefir, and then a huge amount of silver beet, parsley and mint. And when I say amount of greens, I mean as much as half the jug full. I was really worried that it wouldn’t be able to get all the greens at first hit or not even at all as there was more in there than the other stuff. Once everything was in the jug, I popped the lid on and hit the “green smoothie”button…A minute later it stopped itself and pure, smooth, bright green liquid was created. I was in shock. Really? The hit of one button and after only one minute you have the perfect green smoothie?!? EEEKKKK I was so excited! The green smoothie text was done, the BOSS was now in the lead.

Second test was Almond meal + Nut butter. 
We love nut butter in our house, its one of those amazing treats that can be full of goodness if you make it yourself. The thing about nuts is that they can go rancid pretty quick without us even realising. Its important to keep nuts fresh but buying the whole food and keeping them in the fridge if possible. If you have a great machine you can make your own without a worry and know you are eating good stuff. I have tried making nut butter in a couple of other appliances that applauded themselves on making nut butter and let me tell you they did not work; One of them (the top high speed blender on the market!!!) over heated and cut out so I had to wait an hour for it to try again. I had to use alot of elbow grease and the final product tasted quite burnt. I was disappointed. The other was a lower price machine that prided itself on the same feature but I had to use the tamper so much, it was a huge effort and then the motor completely blew up. YES, it died first go. So you can see why I was sceptical about THE BOSS living up to its expectations. I threw 3 cups of almonds into the jug, hit “mill” and 30 seconds later I have almond meal. ARGHHHHHH yes it worked! The I added a few chia seeds, some linseeds and 2 tablespoons of macadamia nut oil and 2 minutes later I have nut + seed butter… No joke… it was incredible! No fussing around, its magic. 

Third up; CLEANING!
I’m a mum, I want to make things quick and I want to clean things up even quicker. To my delight, the Boss has a self clean button. I filled the jug to a quarter full of water with a drop of dishwashing liquid and pressed “self clean”. 1 minute later is shut itself off, I gave the jug a rinse and that was that, clean ready for my next recipe. I’m sold right there.  

I have also made a delicious fruit sorbet in it over the weekend for the kids; lots of frozen fruit, a bit of coconut milk and hitting a few buttons and we had the most delicious smooth sorbet for a treat. The kids were in their absolute element. Its so great to know whats in our food because we are making it ourselves!!!

Most of us want to eat healthier meals and snacks, but we don’t have the time for complicated recipes right? Grinding, mixing, blending, beating: and at the end of it the kitchen is a mess. Eating real food is easy if we have the right equipment to help us out. This is an appliance that is high class and offers one-touch functions – including cleaning itself? 

Are you getting this? I am in love, true love with my new kitchen whizz, THE BOSS!

Here’s the nitty gritty…

Guilt-free nut butters, divine sorbets, healthy smoothies, hearty soups and more are blended to a silky smoothness! Whats different about the Boss is the unique Breville patented ProKinetix® blade and bowl system. It can create particles that are up to 50 per cent smaller than those produced by traditional blending. The blades work to fold the ingredients over so you dont need to push and pull things around like other machines on the market. 

The Boss™ can shift from a slow stir to a pulverising, high-speed mill. Transform grains into fresh flours and turn whole nuts into butters and milks. Freshly grind seeds and spices for a tastier curry or casserole. Master the art of cocktails, frozen drinks and desserts.

It includes: 12-speed variable manual controls; five pre-programmed one-touch functions plus auto clean, pause, resume and restart; tamper tool and flexible scraper; and BPA-free two-litre Tritan jug featuring a tight-fitting, vented lid with ring-pull assist. The LCD backlit display makes it easy to use in any environment and the die cast base creates a stable foundation for the high velocity blending action. 

Global ambassador Heston Blumenthal has also collaborated with Breville on an inspiring recipe book that comes with the Boss™. Each chapter features unique recipes supported by ‘appliance science’, which provides information on the importance of particle size, nutritional benefits and the food thinking insights related to various food types, including green smoothies, nut butters and spices. According to Heston, “when it comes to taste, texture is imperative”. 

Following two years of intense engineering and testing by its award-winning Australian design team, the Boss™ by Breville is supported with a seven-year warranty for ultimate piece of mind. YAY! 


Put one of these babies on your christmas wish list because its your lucky day! 

Breville has been so lovely to gift 1 x The Boss™ (BBL910) – the easy to use high velocity super blender valued at $999 to one of our Live it, Do it readers!!!!!

EEEKKKKK exciting! All you need to do is enter your details through the rafflecopter link below. Make sure you like the Breville Facebook page, join our newsletter subscription and answer the question to gain valid entry. GOO LUCK!
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A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS RHIANNA O. We cant wait for your to put your new boss into action!  

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November 15, 2014