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His and Hers… Family time with Reid Cycles

I looked over at my husband with princess P squirming in the child’s seat on his new Reid Roadster and laughed; “Did you ever imagine riding along on bikes with 2 kiddies?”. It kinda hit me, yep we have 2 children, where has the time gone? But really, where has it gone?

We both feel so young and we are, but family life has definitely thrown us some curve balls along the way and everything that we thought would be a walk in the park has been pretty tuff. It feels like now, we are finally reaching the surface to the bright after the struggle and we can start to enjoy each other and have more fun together. I know that could sound weird but to actually have the energy to want to have some family fun, it feels really good.
Last week my hub and I received our new “matching” bikes from Reid Cycles. Seriously, how cool are they? I surprised my husband with his and he was so happy. He has had the same old bike for years, I mean years and years!!! The seat is hanging on by a thread and its full of rust, he has never complained though and he was still riding it to the surf everyday until this beauty arrived.
The Men’s Vintage Roadster is a newbie to the Reid collection and its perfect for getting around with Shimano 7 speed gears. And a beautiful looking bike with a relaxed, timeless style.
When Andrew saw his new Reid Roadster he was in his element, like a little boy getting his very first brand new bike, it was so awesome and I loved that I could do something special for him for all the hard work he does for our family.
As I love a bit of matchy matchy, I had to go for the Women’s 7 speed Vintage Cruiser, it is such a joy to ride. So light and easy.
That was it, it was game on…As soon as we had both the bikes ready for riding and baby seat in place, it was like it ignited a sense of  fun into us, we couldn’t help but get on them and get riding. It gave us a sense of freedom to get out and get some wind in our hair. We live so close to the beach and cafes, its so nice and so easy to just pop the kids on the back of a bike and get active together while still having fun.
This past couple of weeks with our bikes has been so great, we have made it a weekend ritual to take on the lake track and also lots of mini trips to the shops, park and beach.  It has definitely given us that edge we needed to get out and be a family, exploring and keeping active together. I’m really looking forward to what the rest of Spring and Summer have to offer and how much fun we can have together on our Reid Cycles.

You can learn more about Reid Cycles here; http://www.reidcycles.com.au/

Disclaimer: We were lucky enough to be gifted these fantastic bikes to trial but all comments and statements are my own. 

November 3, 2014
November 6, 2014