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The perfect afternoon

Ever have one of those afternoons when you look at your life and feel so grateful to be in it? 
I had one of those afternoons today… It was so hot today, the hottest in a while apparently. Our house is a summer sweat pit, beaming hot afternoon sun, no wind and no air conditioning, it’s not pretty. I picked my big girl up from kindy and got home to my husband that had arrived home soon before. We were covered in sweat, my little boy was beetroot red and we were already fretting the heat of the night to come. I looked at my hub and said; don’t you feel like getting take away fish and chips and heading to the beach? We knew we couldn’t get takeaway fish and chips, it’s far from GAPS friendly but in the next 15 minutes we had the kids in the car and a big picnic basket packed full of grilled chicken skewers and a huge summer salad. We made our way to Pittwater to hang in the water, play ball, throw the frisby and enjoy a picnic dinner… It really was pure family bliss and we soaked up every second we shared together, it’s the simple things that matter the most! I feel like one very lucky lady to be sharing my life with this little tribe. I think we may have created a new family summer ritual. HAPPY FRIDAY!