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We all deserve to be feeling way better just ok!!! (prepare for an over-share)

This kid… He was presented to me just like this, in that moment, 18 months and 18 days ago… “It’s a boy”… That was the mega shock, He was covered in goo and so so perfect! I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect little human to join our tribe of now 4! What I didn’t know was that the year to follow was going to be the hardest year ever! A year that I struggled with hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, massive weight gain, guilt for allowing my body to have placenta prรฉvia, guilt for having a c-section, guilt for putting on weight, guilt for being such a horrible wife, gut issues, exhaustion, and struggling to accept being a young mum, all while eating so well… After feeling like such crap for so long and not knowing why, just that I felt I wasn’t good enough, I finally took myself to a holistic biomedical doctor who gave it to me simply; “it’s not ok to feel like this.”… The turning point began; after a whole lot of tests, supplements, sleep and giving more back to myself; we had answers and an action plan! All these things were going on inside my body and the only symptom I would take notice of was how worthless I felt, how tired I was and how fat I had become. I didn’t have depression I had a gut full of issues and a thyroid condition, the depression was just part of the symptoms. I remember praying the day I went back into the doctor to get all my blood and poo test results (yes poo test!), that they had found something wrong with me… I knew any normal doctor would of just brushed me off the desk and handed me a script for anti-depressants. That wasn’t what I wanted, I was ready to heal whatever was going on and feel good again, I needed the tools to get me there. Things are heading on the right track now and I’m feeling more like myself again! Its nice to feel that I am slowly gaining back my control and I have learnt so much along my own journey, its incredible how the body works and how important the gut is!

What I’m trying to say is that PND can be a culmination of a whole heap of issues going on in your body crying out to be treated and shouldn’t be ignored… As mums we can forget about what’s most important and that’s our own health! We need to listen to our bodies! It’s not all about food, we need to focus on the holistic picture. We need to be built well emotionally, physically and spiritually so we can drive the boat! Our kids need us!

As its Post Natal Depression awareness week lets show support to all those mummy’s out their trying their best and just feel like their struggling to survive each day. And If you are one of them, go and do something for yourself! See a good holistic practitioner; get some tests done, get a massage, see a kinesiologist, learn to meditate, pray! Whatever brings you more awareness to your body and how great it can feel because we all deserve to be feeling way better than just ok!!!!!

November 21, 2014