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Giving a personalised meaningful gift with Officeworks!

This post is supported by Officeworks

Is it really only 19 days until Christmas? It’s no secret that Christmas is coming in full steam and we all want to find that perfect gift for our loved ones. My children have three grandparents, one great grandparent, fourgreat aunts and uncles, a few aunties and uncles along with a bunch of cousins that we need to find gifts for.

I find it lots of fun shopping for others, I love giving and I love finding something special for these people that we love so much! But we all have someone that is really hard to buy for don’t we? In our family, it’s the grandparents and the great grandparents; they have everything! Especially my grandma (the kids great grandma); you couldn’t fit another bowl, vase, hand cream or ornament into her house. I usually try to gift her something like flowers; she gets the fun of them but can’t put them in a draw for years after we leave. They’re nice but they’re not meaningful!

We recently had some photos taken at the preschool of the kids and thought it would be nice to get something meaningful to gift to these hard to buy people; if there’s one thing they love the most, it’s their grandchildren! It’s so lovely to give them a keepsake that they can hang on their keys or something that shows off just how beautiful their grandchildren are – because that’s what grandparents do, right?

I remembered that Officeworks provides a range of personalised products with their in-store and online Kodak Picture Kiosks, so I decided to go down and get creative. What I didn’t realise is that you can make everything from printed photobooks of family memories, to coffee mugs with happy snaps and personalised festive cards or photo prints, the process is really easy.

Last Friday, I watched the ‘How To’ video
on YouTube,
covering creative Christmas gifting for some inspiration. I
popped the kids in the car and took a photo disc down to our local Officeworks.
Greeted by the lovely staff at Officeworks, we headed
straight to the Kodak Picture Kiosk, Little P was so excited! We sat eagerly in
front of the screen and uploaded our pics; I was really surprised how quick it
was. I took a disc with photos however you can also transfer the photos you’d
like to use from your Facebook and Instagram account to your smartphone, isn’t that amazing! All you need to do is connect to
the Kodak Picture Kiosk via the Kodak
Connect App
through Wi-Fi, it’s that simple.
After clicking a few buttons on the screen (this was
Pia’s job), we were done. A receipt was then printed from the Kodak Picture
Kiosk for us to take up to the counter and pay for our creations. We received a
call a week later to go down and pick them up. We decided to make everyone a key
ring each; they are only $3.95 each and then a couple of photo mugs for Pop for
$19.95 because he loves his morning coffee. For such a reasonable price, I’m
excited to give these gorgeous personalised gifts to the family! It just seems
all too easy and we really enjoyed the experience of creating some meaningful personalised
gifts for Christmas that are really high quality! 
If you’re interested in creating something of your own
too, here’s a list of present ideas that you can create in the Kodak Kiosk at
Cards: Christmas templates available, 5×7
double sided photo cards and greeting cards.
·         Photo
·         Ceramic
Photo Mug
: ready to pick-up in store in around 7 days, sometimes
may only take 3-5 depending on the stores location and delivery time.
·         Photo
instant, may be a small wait as they need to be printed,
bound and assembled.
·         Mugs
and Drink ware
(drink bottle, travel mug, stubby holder) approximately
7 days, can take 3-5 depending on the stores location and delivery time.
·         Calendars
Christmas templates available, 5×7 double sided photo cards and greeting cards.
Note, if a customer prints 20-30 cards it can take some time to print.
·         Novelties:
·         Key
·         Coasters
·         Jigsaw
·         Playing
For inspiration on creative and personalised gift-giving, join in the conversation on social media via #creativechristmas.

So what do you think? What will you be making?