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So many reasons to be Merry… Merry Christmas Everyone!

It has been busy here this past 6 months as I work on treating myself and my son through this whole gut healing business, working on healing my thyroid, hormones, the everyday stuff both mentally and physically through food and emotional nourishment. Its a full time job to say the least and I have felt a little distant as the spare time I find when I’m not cooking or preparing food, I have been trying to be more present with my little ones and their dear daddy. I have learnt so much through my own families health journey that I want to share with the world when I have the time, its hard work but we are seeing such great break throughs its so exciting to feel like things are shifting and we are all getting on the right track.

Such a crazy year its been but so much love, joy and fun we have gained through our experiences. I just wanted to take a minute on Christmas day to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration to me and such a great community full of support and encouragment for real food, healthy family living. It is such an honour to have you all as my tribe and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all being so great by just being here. It is really special to me.

Wow! As I reflect over this past year and look back at who I was last christmas, I thank the man in the sky for giving me the strength and courage I needed to get off my butt and find answers and make changes in my life to feel good again as a mother, a wife and in me. Only 12 months ago; I was eating super healthy but I was 18kgs heavier, tired, miserable, stressed and hated life. I had a baby who was starving, had diareah 7 to 8 times a day, he was covered in eczema and he screamed all day long. I couldnt stand my husband, I fully believed he hated me even through all his attempts to make me happy, I was too embarrassed about my body to want to leave the house and I had a little girl that just wanted her Mummy to be happy… Life wasnt fun, it wasnt happy, it wasnt positive, and the future was scary. I sit here thinking that if I hadn’t taken myself to that biomedical doctor that day, where would we be now as a family? Who knows… It makes me so passionate about how important Mum’s health is and how we need to unite to make sure we are all taking the time to look after ourselves in the right ways for our own individual bodies.
Today I feel joy, our little family it full of love and happiness and you can feel the positivity that radiates from them into the world. They are shining with that happiness that we all deserve! When I look at my little babes I cant stop smiling and laughing at the funny and amazing things they come out with every day and I have never been so in love with my husband! Things have shifted in ways I didn’t realise ever could all through our natural healing process. This year is good and I am grateful for what I have been through, what I have learned and how amazing I feel now and how in love with life I am again. I am truly grateful to have each and every special person that is in my life, you have all contributed in some way to the joy I have found again and I am truly thankful.

Only days away from the end of this year; I have so many goals for the new year; I want to have more time to share more of my healthy recipes with you (I have so many here, its just finding the time to get them on the blog), I want to share more of our story and I want to share lots of inspiration for mums out there that need that lift that we all do sometimes but for now, I will be chilling with my babes on the beach and soaking up the sunshine.

Thank you for being you…EVERYONE! Merry Christmas xo 

Love Cass xo

My little sis and I. xo