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Last week (on my birthday!), I was gifted one of the most wanted pieces of beauty equipment, a Cloud Nine wand! You can imagine that I was floating on Cloud Nine! The Cloud Nine wands and straightening irons are known as the best in the business; with a one touch temperature control, ceramic coated barrel, protective heat guard and identification chip I was so excited to put this baby into action!
I’m not usually a curl kind of girl; my hair is very thin and dead straight so as a mum its so easy to not put much effort in, just wash, dry and its done. But that can get a little boring, every where I go my hair is always the same; dead straight! Its been so long since I have had the tiniest bit of wave in my hair, I wanted to give this curling thing a go and see if it at all suits me… 
When I turned on the wand for the first time; I was in shock at how hot it got so quick, like really hot. It freaked me out a little to think of the thought of burning myself but I got on with it. Following the instructions to each point, I went from bottom to top, around my head, one curl at a time. It took me a little while, getting used to holding the wand and which way to twist my hair but by the end of it I felt like a pro and I was so surprised at how curly my hair had become. You literally wrap your hair around the wand using a heat proof glove and hold, its so easy. I only needed to hold each piece on hair on the wand for about 5 seconds and it made a really nice curl. I put a little bit of hair spray in and shook my head out and it was done. 

The curls lasted all day, really well! I was so impressed with the results!!! 

I have old memories of my friends and I struggling with the old curling wands in the past, such fun but the curls never worked out well and after an hour our hair was flat. I love the quality of the Cloud Nine; just looking at it you can see it is made to last forever and when using it, it works so well, you just know it will!
It felt so nice to have some bounce in my hair, something different, it just felt like it gave me a whole new look and it felt good. My hair felt so glossy and shiny; the guys at Cloud Nine pride themselves on slipping a secret ingredient into their irons and wands to give your hair that glistening feeling every time you use it, very mysterious! I will definitely be using my wand in the coming weeks for all the christmas parties and gatherings coming up. Its fun!

So are you feeling a curl come along this summer?
In the theme of summer, I wanted to share with you a step by step look by the experts at Cloud Nine to get the ultimate beach hair look. Here you go…

  1. Prep hair by drying hair with a paddle brush for light control. Part hair in desired parting and section from ear to ear.
  2. Section out the top of the hair at the crown as shown. Using the Cloud Nine Standard Wand, start on the left side of the head and work around. Take large vertical sections and curl the roots and mid-lengths for 6-8 seconds. Release curl and allow to cool.
  3. Raise your arm above your head to control the curling tong as you work through the back of the head.
  4. Take horizontal sections when working across the top of the head for volume. Repeat same technique.
  5. Once hair is set, spritz hair with a texture spray, scrunch in and let product dry naturally into hair for 2 minutes.
  6. Shake hair out and dress into place. Set style with a light hold hairspray for hold and extra style support for fine hair.
This was my end result… What do you think?
value: $299

EEEEEKKKKK I’m excited to share with you that the amazing people at Cloud Nine want to give all Live It, Do it readers a chance to get one of their incredible wands or straighteners in their hot little hands just in time for christmas! Thats right, you have the opportunity to win one right here! All you need to do to enter is subscribe to out newsletter and answer the question in the rafflecopter app below. 




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If you would like to learn more about the Cloud Nine products go to; http://au.cloudninehair.com/

note: I was gifted one wand to review and one product to giveaway. All comments and statements are my own.