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REAL MUM REVIEW: The Philips AirFryer XL

The word on the street is that air frying is the new craze, 4 weeks ago I had never heard of it, now I am obsessed with it! Cooking can be tricky with kids and they need to be fed at that crazy time of night when they have turned a little crazy themselves and you just feel like the day should be over already. Witching hour is called that for a reason, its frantic, its like a race to the almighty finish line…bed time. I’m all for utilising machines for the kitchen to make mum life easier, some friends call me a kitchen hoarder, I call myself smart. As a mum, we have a hard enough time as it is trying to keep everything in our own messy order, we need to take all the help we can get. 
Over the past few weeks I have been reviewing the Philips Airfryer XL, I would explain it to be a mini oven on steroids. It is so quick, way more effective, crisps up food like nothing else and its all round fun to use. I would say its a real food mums great friend as you can make your kids certain foods that you wouldn’t really dream of cooking by recreating your own healthy versions and cooking them in very minimal fat, giving full crunch with no use of that dredded trans-fat stuff that we don’t want to put in our babies clean little bodies EVER. I understand that fat is good for children’s development and they definitely need it for their little brains but when it comes to the thought of deep frying, there is no way I am going to fill a pot up with a litre of organic coconut oil to cook my kids some healthy chips, its just not affordable. With the airfryer you only need to use 1 or 2 tablespoons of your oil of choice and it works its magic, this means that you can use a high grade delicious fat to cook and your food will come out perfect, its awesome! 
My first day we whipped out the Philips Airfryer, I made roast pumpkin, beetroot chips, veggie ratatouille and grain free Thai Fish cakes. Everything was delicious! What I was most impressed by though was the speed and efficiency of the machine, the pumpkin took less that 16 minutes, the thai fish cakes were 10 minutes and I even made a whole crispy roast chicken today in 20 minutes…that blew my mind. When I make this sort of thing in the oven, it takes at least 15 minutes just to preheat and then at least an hour to roast the chicken. 
My husband made crispy salt and pepper lambs brains (yep we eat brains sometimes), this was really cool, mainly because we NEVER deep fry food in the fear of feeding our kids trans-fat so knowing that we could make some healthy crispy ‘fun’ nibbly food that we wouldn’t usually make was exciting. 
The beetroot chips were great, we just thinly sliced raw beet root and mixed it with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a pinch of salt, threw them in the air fryer and 15 minutes later had crispy thin beetroot chips. The kids LOVED them, such a great snack too.
We have had so much fun with this machine over the past few weeks, I think it is great for any family. The new XL size is perfect for all sized families and you can make as much or as little as you wish. Its a great machine for busy parents to serve up healthy, fast meal options.  Food comes out crispy and any excess fat drained away. The machine comes with a great recipe book too full of yummy of recipes and handy cooking tips and recipe videos on the Philips website can be utilised anytime. Its just an all round fun machine in the kitchen and its safe for the kids to be around. I would highly recommend checking out the Philips Airfryer, its never too late to add to your wish list to Santa either! 
·      70g frozen shelled green
·      2 x tsp minced garlic
·      2 x tbs sweet chilli sauce
·      1 x tbs coconut oil, melted
·      2 x chopped shallots
·      Chopped coriander to cook
and some for garnish
·      100g cashews
·      Salt and pepper to serve
all ingredients into large mixing bowl and stir until combined
ingredients into a pre-heated Philips Airfryer on 200 degrees for 10 minutes
Functional yet fun, the innovative Philips Airfryer XL (HD9240) can help busy parents serve healthier, yet still delicious family favourites with a great tasting crispy result and any excess fat drained away! With the Airfryer’s patented Rapid Airtechnology, you can now depend on air to cook great-tasting fried food that contains up to 80 percent less fat*. Visit the PhilipsAirfryer website to access 69 delicious recipes and handy cooking tips & tricks and recipe videos. On a special ratings & review page you can see how many Australians are loving the Philips Airfryer. For those on the go who are in need for more cooking inspiration, simply download the Airfryerapp, from iTunes or Google Play, which has an additional 188 international recipes from fans and Philips alike, tips and tricks for guilt-free cooking and Airfryer FAQs.

The Philips Airfryer XL (RRP $449.00) is available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and selected authorised dealers.

Please note: The Philips Airfryer was gifted to me for review purposes. All comments and statements are my own.