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The LIVE IT DO IT Ultimate Christmas Gift guide – For Him!

Wewood Wood watch – These watches are so fun and look amazing! really stylish and affordable. The best part is that for each watch sold, we-wood plant a tree! 

PROOF eco Sunglasses – Sunglasses made of wood that look so different but so good. I love this brand! 
Quicksilver Wetsuit – My husband has been wanting a new wetsuit for a long time so I think its fitting to pop it in this gift guide. Its all about surfing this summer holidays in this house. 
Mens Vintage Roadster Bike – Andrew got this bike this year and he loves it. Its a really simple design with heaps of gears for easy riding all at a really good price. Reid cycles have a great range. 

Worthy Skate board – Worthy Skateboards are all hand crafted in Aus by a super passionate skater. Each and every board is absolutely beautiful and so fun to ride. All with a old school vibe. 
On running shoes – The BEST running shoes currently on the market and the comfiest that you will ever put your foot in. Its like walking on clouds, so bouncy, great support and really fun colours and styles. I love mine, my husband is jealous and all the athletes are raving about them!

Organic Times dark choclate coated almonds – YUM! Any dad would love some of these right? 

Vanessa Megan Certified Organic “Men’s Must Have” Pack – We love all of the Vanessa Megan range so its only right to mention them here. Men seem to forget about their skin and its so important to nourish it so this is a great gift pack for a loved on.


Glass keep cup – A great gift for a dad or brother or uncle or grandpa that has to rush off in the morning with his morning tea or coffee. Super trendy and also saving the environment 1 cup at a time.