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Ballerina twirls in Collette Dinnigan For The Australian Ballet

Since starting ballet last year at Little Lights Dance School, my little babe is ballet obsessed. From the moment she wakes up, Princess P (pictured above) takes the first opportunity to put on a “ballet dress” and starts twirling and singing, I swear she thinks she lives in a musical. Its very cute. So you can imagine that as soon as she was asked what she would like for her birthday and christmas, her first answer was simple; a ballet dress. This girl could never have too many and she would dress as a ballerina everyday, its is so beautiful to watch the pure love and joy that bursts out of a little one when they find something they absolutely love to do. It excites me to think that something that I have been in love with my whole life, my little girl is also drawn into just as much right now. Its fun to share our passion of dance together, even if it is with a dance party in the kitchen. 
Of course, I admit that along with little P’s ballet obsession comes the mum that will totally run with it, yep I love anything that spins and twirls and looks absolutely stunning. One of my favourite brands is Collette Dinigan; I love the style of all her designs, I have a few of her dresses myself. Its special to hear that Target is stocking a gorgeous range of of tutu dresses for aspiring little ballerinas designed by Collette Dinigan herself. They are absolutely Gorgeous and they are currently on sale. WIN! I couldn’t resist and got P a couple for her upcoming year of dancing so she can feel like a real prima ballerina. Doesn’t she look gorgeous in these pictures? With each purchase of the Collette Dinigan range, Target is donating 10% of the retail price to the Australian Ballet, helping the company bring the magic of dance to more children and families across Australia. 
Usually retailing at prices from $39 – $69, these beautiful little dresses are currently selling for over half price in Target. If you would like to shop the range go to; http://www.target.com.au/b/collettedinniganfortheaustralianballet
January 16, 2015