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New Year, New You!

New year, new you right? I had such a great end to last year bringing back more of myself again, giving myself the time that I need to feel fantastic again and just feel like me again, as “me as you can get with 2 little ones going crazy constantly around you! I fully believe as mums, we don’t do ourselves any favours by going above and beyond for everyone except for ourselves. I say this a lot but we seem to put everyone first and forget that if we don’t look after ourselves physically and emotionally the whole ship can sink. The more I pave my way through motherhood the more I learn how much time we need as mums just for ourselves; emotionally. We need time out without the noise, the asking, the screaming and the crying. We need time just to be “us” without the crazy.

I have decided that this year is a year for me; the end of last year was a bit of a warm up but this year I will be putting myself first for some of the time and do a few things that I have wanted to do for a while; I’m going on a trip with one of my besties, I’m going to do yoga on a regular basis, I’m going to make myself have a green smoothie everyday, I’m going to get back into dancing, I’m going to get my hair done and I’m going to make the clear skin pledge at Clear Skin Care Clinics. I want to get back to feeling like a woman again, not just a mum. I was introduced to clear skin clinics recently at the Dr Roebucks yoga for skin launch and I have been interested in it ever since. Clear Skin Clinics are are pledging to clear Australia’s Skin by offering 5,000 free mySGA treatments (valued over $1.5million).
A pretty great idea for people struggling with their skin and are looking for some help. Breakouts don’t just affect teenagers, over 30% of adult women and men experience chronic pimples and breakouts. mySGA at clear skin clinics is the only drug free treatment to offer a permanent solution for chronic acne + breakouts.

Dr McCaffery’s SGA
– permanently removes the cause of Acne
– Exclusive to Clearskincare Clinics
– No drugs or harsh medications
– Developed by acne expert Dr Philippa McCaffery
– 90% Success Rate, over 7000 clients

If you want to jump on board this new year; just head over to http://clearskincareclinics.com.au/ for more info.

Cass xo

January 3, 2015