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REAL FOOD REVIEW: Sadhana Kitchen

What a fun day we had; big girl was at kind and my little sis, Sunny and I made our way into the city to do a few things. One of those things was visiting the raw food cafe; Sadhana Kitchen. I kept seeing this little gem pop up on instagram over and over and always get sucked in by their incredible food pictures and even more incredible raw food creations. I have wanted to go here for a while and knowing that they are now serving the famous CocoWhip (dairy/gluten free coconut soft serve made with coconut water), we just HAD to go there. Keeping in mind that we had a bit of a sooky boy that hadn’t had his day sleep and stresses as soon as he see’s food but can’t eat it, we did very well! The three of us shared the raw vegan tacos and the raw rana pad thai. Both were so yummy, the taco’s though were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! My mouth is watering thinking about them now, the ‘mince’ is made with a mixture of nuts and spices and its covered in the best guacamole I have ever eaten and drizzled with cashew cheese all wrapped up in a crispy lettuce leaf. Oh man it was yum! My little Sunshine definitely gave it the tick of approval wolfing down the pad thai made from zucchini and kelp noodles.

We sipped on ginger kombucha and then ended with a big cocowhip sundae; Asha (my sis) had the tim tam smash and I had the waggon wheel toppings… WOW! There are seriously no words, you feel like you are having something deadly naughty but it doesn’t contain any of the nasty additives that the old fashioned soft serve does. Its a must try. I am so happy we made the time to visit this little diamond in the city full of goodness, I highly recommend making a trip to get the full experience and really enjoy good tasting raw vegan whole foods, its eye opening to see the creations. Everything just looks so dam good!

If you want to read more about Sadhana Kitchen go to: http://www.sadhanakitchen.com

January 30, 2015