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REAL MUM REVIEW: The Crispy Crust ™. 12″ Stone Baked Pizza Oven by Breville

Who loves Pizza? My Husband, Andrew is a little obsessed. He’s a pizza man, its his vice. We have always loved making our own pizza’s as a family, its so much fun getting the kids in the kitchen and getting our hands dirty, creating our own topping mixes. Though recently we have not been a pizza family; with the kids being on the GAPS protocol it has been a food we have steered clear off because I have been yet to perfect a grain free base that Andrew would actually like, we all want food to taste good right? Taste like the normal stuff.

Recently receiving Breville’s amazing stone pizza oven, the Crispy Crust, it got me excited to try the whole pizza making thing again with ingredients that we can all eat without any issues. I decided to try the paleo pizza base recipe in Pete Evans new book; Family food. It was a WINNER! We chose our own toppings and made a few pizzas; having fun along the way in the kitchen together. Using the Crispy crust was so simple and the pizzas came out so well. The bases were incredible! You should have seen my husbands face when I told him they were grain free, he was in shock as the pizza turned out so perfectly and they tasted so mainstream. Hah!

We usually make our pizzas in the oven so using the crispy crust was different but so much faster and easier with a lot less mess. Loading up each pizza on the pizza stone was great and cut out so much cleaning up only using the one stone to cook all the pizzas. Each pizza took a maximum of 10 minutes to cook; this is the best part as a mum. It’s so great to find a handy tool that cuts time and you can literally make a pizza from start to finish faster than if you were to call up for takeaway. This is the best, as you know what is actually on each pizza and can create food that you know is actually good for your child and not harming them with too much sugar and harmful additives which is what the pizza shop pizzas are usually riddled with. We love the Crispy crust and I can see us using it a lot in the future. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Just go to; http://www.breville.com.au/the-crispy-crust-tm.html if you would like to have a look at this fun family kitchen addition.

Happy cooking!

Cass x

January 16, 2015
January 18, 2015