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For me; 2015 is the year for fitness, fun and adventure! I want to bring my body up to its absolute optimum level as a mum and feel good having fun along the way. I am really motivated this year and my journey to optimum health is going well. I’m finally feeling good and having so much for energy to actually do stuff, like real exercise and having the motivation to keep doing it feels so amazing in itself.

A big motivation for the new year to get my butt moving was getting some new active wear; lets face it, I’m a woman, I love new clothes! Feeling good and comfortable in what your wearing to workout, I believe is a big part of how you can perform. There is nothing worse than your old tights slipping down your butt as your running or your boobs bouncing all over the shop. Its not fun so it doesn’t work.
There are so many great active wear clothing lines out there now with so many options for everyone but it can be hard to find the right thing for your shape of body in the one store. Recently I was introduced to Elsa; an online store full of amazing fitness wear for every body!
One of the goals in setting up Shop Elsa, was to curate a collection of labels from both Australia and overseas which were inclusive in sizing; stocking AU size 6 โ€“ 26 and provided a great range of workout gear for women, regardless of their size or shape. This is a breakthrough it fitness gear as it can be really hard to find active to fit a larger size in sport shops as they usually only stock up a size 14, maybe 16. The lovely ladies at Elsa know that wearing workout gear which is comfortable and supportive, is a great incentive for getting moving every day!
In addition to activewear, Elsa also stock the No 1 selling sports bra in the USA, the Juno from Moving Comfort and a bamboo range which is perfect for relaxing after your workout or travelling. The Juno bra is so comfortable too! I love it.
Elsa stocks brands including; Abi and Joseph, Vie active, Katie K active, Moving comfort and more. I highly recommend you check out the latest gear at www.shopelsa.com.au .

Lineal 7/8 tights c|o Elsa
Ambra Short Sleeve c|o Elsa
Juno Bra c|o Elsa
Cloud Runners c|o On Running