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A Special Word To All The Stay At Home Mums – Your job is one of the most important of all!


Let me give a warm welcome to a beautiful fellow Northern Beaches Mum; Kate Wright. Like most mums, Kate was having ‘one of those days’ and after a hard day of finding no time to get anything done she confided in her husband and he shared with her some insight of just how important a stay at home mum really is. This is the simple, most heart felt stuff that we forget in between all the nappy changes, meal preparations, school drop offs, etc, etc, etc. This past week for me has been a doozy and I know I shared my frustration with you a few days ago here so you can imagine that when I read this post on a local mums forum It made me feel good, empowered and inspires so I just really wanted Kate to share it with all of you! We can all forget how important we are and how much our kids need us to be mums, just us, just the special people that we are… Thanks Kate. 
I’ve got to share a conversation that I had with my husband with you because if you are a stay-at-home mum who has had one of those days where you’ve felt beaten, doubtful and jaded by the end of the day….this might change your perspective on your role. It did for me.
So I was complaining the other day to my husband that I never get anything done with my 15 month old and 4 year old children at home. My list of chores hardly gets a smudge let alone wiped clean and life as a stay-at-home mum is exhausting!
After some time, he says to me… I think you have forgotten why you’ve been ‘employed’ by us…..??? I’m confused, but he goes on to say,
‘If you died tomorrow and you had all the money in the world, who would YOU pay to raise your children when you’re gone? He specified that if it couldn’t be him or family members….who would I trust? Who would I trust to love them, to nurture them, to challenge them, who would know their routines, their idiosyncrasies, their medical history, their diets, their moods, their likes, their sensitivities and their hurdles….who could offer all of this to them?’
Then he asked, ‘And if, by miracle, you found someone who COULD provide all of this, in a full-time position, who was willing to work EVERYDAY, in sickness or in health……what would you be willing to pay them?’ 
‘Thousands.’ I said, without hesitation. 
‘But even then, they could not do a better job than you are doing. YOU are THE expert on our children. THE Specialist. Quite frankly, we could not afford your services…..and yet, that is what you provide everyday for our children. You are not ‘employed’ to clean the floors, make the dinners, wash the clothes, etc…if these things get done, it is a bonus, NOT an expectation. You are ‘employed’ as the state-of-the-art, expert in the field of raising our children…..and darling, you’re doing an exceptional job.’
He is a bit of a legend and the conversation really has changed my perception of my role as a stay-at-home mum.
Hope it might yours! 

February 21, 2015
February 23, 2015