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Cotton On Kids Launches New Sleepwear Range!

Its been an exciting couple of weeks! Last week was jam packed full of fun including flying down to Melbourne (Such a fun day that I’ll share more with you soon) to have a sneak preview of Cotton On Kids’ new and improved sleep wear range and this week I get to show you my super cute models sporting the goods from our favourite store for little ones. 
If you have been a lover of the Cotton On Kids sleepwear range before then you are in for a treat, some of you may of found that their previous range of sleepwear was a little on the smaller size, bands a bit tight around the ankles and even needing to upsize by 1 or 2 sizes. Cotton On Kids has taken all their mums feedback very seriously and with a lot of research, their designers have come back with a 100% cotton product that is perfect for our little ones to snuggle up in and sleep all night long. The team have worked so hard to bring out a range that not only looks amazing but is super functional and could even pop out to the shops in with their mummy and daddy if needed. The simple style is extremely comfortable, the fabric is softer, the elastic isn’t tight and all the colours just pop. I absolutely love this range and I love my kids running around in it. Its nice to feel safe that they are wearing a product that is made from cotton to sleep in. This range has been redesigned to slide on with ease, ensuring children have room to move and are super comfortable to sleep in. 
Princess P and little sunshine have been road testing the range all week and have giving it a big thumbs up, its actually been quite hard to get their new pj’s off them. They want to wear them all the time. 
The new sleep wear range includes; the styles above in a range of patterns, as well as a new flanelette separates range, gorgeous ugg boots in a huge range of bright patterns and sparkles, bright robes, fun night lights and torches along with of course their very popular bedding range. Its a fun time for Cotton On Kids and its so exciting to see whats to come. This brand never stops evolving!!!

Be sure to check out the new sleepwear range in store and on line from the 23rd of February, 2015. Go to; http://cottonon.com/kids